Wednesday, November 09, 2005


These days I have been wondering why so few people read books. The psychologists say that within the frame of our cultural paradigm of postmodern and after-postmodern people are just battered with huge amounts of information which they are unable to digest. Time is getting more and more hastened, culture - more and more flipped, work – more and more straining, activities – more and more passive, people – more and more stressed and tired. Under these conditions most of people would prefer everything less demanding and less brainy. Deep and profound thinking is likely to be substituted for smattering, real feelings and experiences – for mawkish movies, live music – for synthesized remixes, just as well as healthy food is substituted for fast food. But all that could be good if it brought at least a little bit of a satisfaction, but unfortunately it doesn’t. We are facing the same problems, as out grandparents were 70 years ago. And the most amazing thing is that … Oh, I think I have to quit my meditations, because statistics calculated that modern people can only read a passage of no more than 150 words without getting bored. And I guess I have already exceeded that limit.


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